"To her Lord, the Almighty, upon the reviving of Ezekiel's bones"

Vastarien: A Literary Journal, Vol. 3, Iss. 1; Spring 2020

"Upon an Unexpected Visit to Mattapoisett" 

pacificREVIEW: a west coast arts review annual; synchronousSpring 2020

Tiny Seed Literary Journal; February 2019 (blog), March 2019 (print)

DreamSeeker Magazine; Winter 2007

"Third Morning in Pittsburgh"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; June 9, 2007


(Academic, Journalistic, Creative)

HeartWood Literary Magazine, Issue 9; Spring 2020

"This Way to the Egress: The Humbug of Barnum and Twain"
"The Pain Economy: Mark Twain's Masochistic Understanding of Pain"

Mark Twain and Money: Language, Capital, and Culture (U of Alabama P); 2017

American Literary Realism: Special Issue: Mark Twain and Economy; Fall 2014

Intersections (Franconia Mennonite Conference); March 2007

Intersections (Franconia Mennonite Conference); December 2006

"Kenneth Lonergan: Real Drama"

Publication (Pittsburgh Public Theater), May/June 2005

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