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Great ideas fizzle if they aren't communicated well.  Whether you need help putting language around your grant proposal, crafting a social media post for your organization, or prepping for your big speech, I am ready for you.


I can assist you in tuning your message to your audience, finding just the right word, or catching a silly error before you go to print.  You know what you want to say—let me help you say it.




I take both a scholarly and an artistic approach to my work.  With a Ph.D. in English and fifteen years of teaching experience, I offer exceptional expertise in the mechanics and theory of effective communication.  As a poet, fiction writer, and multimedia content creator, I nurture a playfulness with language and narrative that allows me to innovate, whatever the constraints. I am based in Pittsburgh, PA, but I can work with you wherever you are—literally or figuratively.

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If you’re looking for assistance communicating your message, look no further. Christine Benner Dixon is a true talent and a pleasure to work with. She’s smart, clear-headed, and really knows her stuff. She’s certainly the best writing coach I’ve had. 

-Andy Norman, Author and Philosophical Counselor, andynorman.org

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"What can I say? I am honestly ecstatic about the work you’ve done here.  It’s just so good.  You’ve made this piece work in a way that I couldn’t have envisioned, and I like every move you’re suggesting.  Thank you. "

-Elizabeth Muther, Ph.D.




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